About Us

The Missner Group was established in 1945 as a Chicago general contractor by Irving L. Missner with a core set of philosophies - to provide value to every project; to understand the clients´ requirements, business goals and operations; and to complete projects within their established budgets and schedules. Throughout the years, the firm has effectively accomplished these objectives by implementing Principal involvement on every project, regardless of scope and size - a strategy that not only sets the firm apart from its competition, but also instills executive level accountability. 

These core philosophies and practices have enabled The Missner Group to profitably endure through numerous economic cycles all the while continuing to develop new service offerings. Led by the second generation patriarch, Judd Missner, the firm made a successful foray into the Chicago commercial real estate development, acquisition and property/asset management businesses in 1972. Its experience in both the real estate and construction industries has since served as an advantage to the firm´s clients who benefit from the team´s broad and collective level of expertise.

Today The Missner Group is in its third generation of service, spearheaded by brothers Barry and Glen Missner who continue to complete projects in the office and industrial markets; and have expanded the company´s scope of services to include projects in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, food service , automotive and retail markets in the Chicago area and throughout the Midwest. It is their comprehensive perspective, ability to make quick and sound decisions, and long-standing relationships with those in the construction and real estate industries that have also fostered the success of the firm´s diverse and profitable real estate portfolio.

Since inception, the firm has completed more than $1 billion in construction projects and ten million square feet of commercial and industrial developments; and continues to attribute its success as a Chicago commercial contractor and Chicago real estate developer to the core philosophies upon which the firm was established seven decades ago.The Missner Group was founded upon and continues to practice a handshake philosophy with those they do business with. In addition, they take a tireless approach to each project from its inception and a commitment to providing the highest quality results that meet the economic goals of its clients; they stake their family name upon it.