As a general contractor, The Missner Group can build any number of facilities ranging from large distribution/warehouses to highly specialized medical facilities. However, as most general contractors will attest, the most straightforward part of any project, regardless of size and scope, is building the structure. It’s what precedes the physical construction, often referred to as Pre-construction, that most significantly influences the success of the project, and this is where The Missner Group surpasses its competition.

The majority of due diligence, project complexities and site challenges arise in the pre-construction phase. Pre-construction also encompasses site planning, estimating, design elements, material selection and budgeting. It requires the coordination of architects, contractors, structural engineers, civil engineers, MEP practitioners, and depending upon the project, city officials and regulatory agencies.

Regardless of the level of complexities and the number of layers involved in the coordination of a project, The Missner Group tirelessly serves as the project advocate until the desired results are achieved. The firm has developed relationships in many of the area’s municipalities, worked with a variety of regulatory agencies and resolved the most complex of site issues including establishing the proper zoning variances, releasing easements, mitigating soil or wetland conditions, and performing due diligence of existing conditions. The Missner Group is also dedicated to achieving the most efficient and cost-effective design that best optimizes the client’s goals and requirements each and every time.